International Arts and Sciences conference


Transdisciplinary Compositions | 

Contemporary Challenges. Towards collaborative

practices in the Arts & Sciences.

17 & 18 October 2019


We are pleased to invite you to the international conference ‘Transdisciplinary CompositionsContemporary Challenges, towards collaborative practices in the Arts & Sciences’. The conference will take place on Thursday and Friday, October 17 – 18, 2019 at Erasmus University Rotterdam and De Kunsthal.

Some of today’s biggest challenges are transdisciplinary challenges in fields such as mental health, climate change and social justice. The aim of the conference is to explore how the languages and practices of the arts and sciences can be shared, translated, and re-composed across disciplines in order to address contemporary challenges on the nexus of behaviour, space and environment.

To that end, we are inviting frontrunners in the sciences, humanities, arts and design to participate. Over two days, internationally renowned guests will give keynote lectures, performances, workshops and master classes based on their transdisciplinary work.


Our speakers for this event

17 & 18 October 


Prof. Dr. Eyal Weizman (Forensic Architecture)
Prof. Dr. Katherine Boydell (Black Dog Institute)
Evert Hoogendoorn (IJsfontein)
Anouk Tuijnman & Joanneke Weerdmeester
(Behavioural Science Institute)
Micha Hamel & Janna Michael
(GAMPSISS, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Marcus Vlaar & Marcia Goddard (&ranj)
Dr. Angelo Vermeulen (SEAD)
Suzan Tunca (Codarts, Leiden University, ICK Amsterdam)
Suzanne Dikker (New York University, ICK Amsterdam)
Brie Code (Tru Luv)
Gwyneth Wentink (State of the United Arts, Codarts University Rotterdam)
Wouter Snoei

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The ‘Transdisciplinary Compositions – Contemporary Challenges, towards collaborative practices in the Arts & Sciences’-conference is organized by the National Science Foundation, Radboud University Nijmegen and the Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab (RASL,; a collaboration between Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Willem de Kooning Academy (university of the visual arts) and Codarts (university of the performing arts).