Roger Teeuwen

Roger Teeuwen is a graphic designer and educator. As designer (1998 onwards) with a strong focus on socially engaged projects in collaboration with many cultural commissioners and artists. Focus in the projects are addition and redefinition, simultaneously questioning and offering context to readers and users and with this empowering them. Language and type plays an important role in the design process, instead of viewing type as a tool but as a means to emphasise the concept both the freedom as the necessity becomes reality. The collaborative aspect with both practitioners as users plays an important role.


Through this design practice education became an integrated element from 2002 onwards. The focus in this practice has shifted from a (graphic) design perspective to the question how to educate for an unknown future. In this the capacity to involve of students, teachers and leaders in this process is the aim. Currently as Head of School of Design & Social Practices he has leadership role of the Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) in which both critical reflection as social engagement are integrated. The current aim is to develop new alliances between the Art School both within Rotterdam as outside with the aim to develop more flexible and dynamic study paths which relate strongly to the aim to educate for an unknown future.