Dieuwke Boersma


I am a practitioner of divergence, who turns black holes into disco’s to give rise to new energies, experiences and forms of thought. My hope is to create moments and momentum in which the possibility of another world feels real and appealing. I want to unleash a mental revolution. I do so by changing cognitive maps of experiencing the world and use forms of thinking that are in the present logics of today recognized as “naive”, “wild” and “childish” and outcasted as a regressed form of thinking In my practices I reclaim their relational attunement to the world that in the hegemonical ways of thinking and education are lost. In retracing them, I develop enchanted adventurous practices that invite and make people think and study together with and within our cosmic surroundings in deviant fashion. Consequently, my praxis calls into question, the standardized ways of knowing and play with the preconditions of value and recognition, subvert social conventions, seek to affirm that intellectuality comes in many forms and will state over and over again that “there can no be social justice without cognitive justice”.

I have currently the following practices, see for more: www.denkfiguren.com