Julien Kloeg

dr. J.P. (Julien) Kloeg is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the Humanities Department of Erasmus University College Rotterdam.

Julien’s work engages political philosophy, the philosophy of education, and philosophical anthropology. First, Julien holds a PhD in political philosophy from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In his doctoral dissertation Europe’s Political Frontier Julien analyzed depoliticization as a theoretical and practical problem for the European politics of today, with the newly introduced concept of Europopulism as a proposed intervention. He is currently preparing a reworked version of the dissertation as a manuscript. Second, with regard to philosophy of education, Julien is writing a series of articles on education and the public sphere inspired by the work of Hannah Arendt. Third, he is managing editor of the International Yearbook of Philosophical Anthropology with De Gruyter publishers.

Julien teaches philosophy and politics at Erasmus University College and at the Erasmus School of Philosophy. The focal points of his teaching are contemporary philosophical and ethical theory in its various traditions, and philosophical modernity and its limits. Julien expresses his political and educational commitments through public philosophy and as member of the Erasmus Institute for Public Knowledge.