Exploring Transdisciplinary Education combining Arts & Sciences

There is a strong need for 21st-century education to be recalibrated to be able to address the complex problems of current and future times such as the climate crisis, migration, the shift to clean energy, blockchain, and growing inequalities.

A radical new approach is required, and we believe that teaching a transdisciplinary approach will provide students with the right set of skills and competencies needed to redefine and solve the 21st-century wicked problems.

Our objective is to design innovative, transdisciplinary education methods in which the imaginative and the transferrable, the sensory and the non-sensory, co-inhabit, collaborate and compose new perspectives and futures by using scientific knowledge, as well as visual and embodied experiences. The combination of arts and sciences will provide new forms of knowledge and solutions to complex problems in society. On the long term, we aim to contribute to a systemic transformation of higher education.

This project is funded by Erasmus+