Simona Šimkutė

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Simona Šimkutė (she/her) completed her BA in Communication & Media and MA in Media & Business at the Erasmus University Rotterdam where she began working part-time in early 2022. Following the completion of her Master’s program in 2023, she chose to remain at EUR and embark on a new journey as a RASL coordinator. While her academic background primarily lies in communication and media scene, Simona has always possessed a knack for creativity and a deep passion for the arts. Alongside her responsibilities as a RASL coordinator, Simona also coordinates three other programs at EUR.

Why do you work for RASL?

To be honest, I became familiar with RASL fairly recently, just before stepping into this new role. While I’ve always possessed a more creative mindset and dabbled in various artistic pursuits, I never quite had a natural talent for it, which is why I pursued studies at a research university. Nevertheless, this Dual Degree program serves as an excellent illustration of how science and the arts can seamlessly intertwine, producing exceptional experts in a field of significant relevance in today’s complex world. Our world presents us with challenging issues that demand transdisciplinary knowledge and expertise. As a coordinator for the RASL program, I now have the opportunity to delve deeper into the importance of engaging in both artistic and scientific practices, recognizing the multiple benefits they bring to the future world.