Do you have an artistic or a musical talent, as well as a hunger for academic knowledge? You can now mix arts and academia in metropolitan Rotterdam. Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) and Codarts offer you the possibility to combine theory and practice in a five-year Double Degree programme.


The Double Degree programmes allow you to simultaneously develop your artistic or musical talent, as well as your academic ambitions. After completing the Double Degree programme you will receive two bachelor degrees: one research university diploma (Erasmus University Rotterdam: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) and a university of applied sciences diploma (Codarts: Bachelor of Music, or WdKA: Bachelor of Arts). The diploma from Codarts or WdKA makes you eligible to apply for a Master’s programme at Dutch Art Schools (conservatory / art academy), however, this will not always be the case for programmes in other countries. EUR’s diploma makes you eligible to apply for Master’s programmes at both Dutch and international universities (NB: each Master’s programme always has its own entry requirements).


We believe that today’s world needs multidisciplinary experts who can address complex and multidimensional challenges. Your artistic practice will benefit from your theoretical knowledge about the arts, media and culture – and vice versa: your theoretical work is fuelled by your experience as an artist. You will be able to build a future practice with two separate jobs, but you can also integrate both studies.


The programmes are spread over 5 years, each year consisting of around 60 EC, the same amount as a regular Bachelor programme. Over the course of these five years you will be studying at both institutions simultaneously most of the time, the study load is more or less equally divided between both programmes.

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The programme is offered by the Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab (RASL). The following institutes and departments participate in the Double Degree:

Erasmus University Rotterdam

There are two programmes within Erasmus University Rotterdam:

And within Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) the following departments participate:

from Fine Art:

from Design:


There are four music departments participating within Codarts Rotterdam:

For more information about the Dutch higher education system and the difference between research universities and universities of applied sciences please consult this website.