Bien van der Voorden

Bien van der Voorden worked for the Willem de Kooning Academy since 2006, first as a Study Career Coach (SCC) in Graphic Design and since 2012 also in the role of coordinator for the SCC program. She took part in several education development teams at the WdKA. Since 2018 she acts as an assessor for the Honour Program Competency Assessments. In January 2022 she joined the ranks of RASL. Bien studied Political Sciences at the Erasmus University in the 80’s, specialising in Empirical Political Theory. Acting on another interest Bien then changed course to join the WdKA where she graduated as a Graphic designer in 2004. She completed the Master Education in Arts (MEIA) at Piet Zwart institute in 2016.

Why do you work for RASL?.

I decided to join RASL because I believe that the customary western hierarchy of knowledge is not beneficial for solving the urgent issues haunting our world. Moreover, the binary model for education in the Netherlands is not making the most of the talents of many studentsScientific and artistic methods combined in a transdisciplinary approach will transcend the value in each of the methods seperately. It will allow us to approach the world in new ways and put the many talents of our students to work. I find it really exciting to be part of the RASL project and to work with inspiring students, colleagues and transdisciplinary methods.