Ginie Servant

Ginie Servant-Miklos is a Senior Lecturer in the Humanities Department of Erasmus University College, and currently hold a visiting professorship in experimental pedagogics at Tyumen University, Russia. She has recently completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Aalborg University’s Centre for Problem-based Learning in Engineering Education and Sustainability under the auspices of UNESCO.

Her research focuses on the intersection between pedagogy, identity and sustainability issues. She has published numerous papers and book chapters on the historical, philosophical and psychological underpinnings of innovative pedagogies, in particular problem-based learning and problem-oriented project work, and has keynoted education conferences around the world to share her research findings. She specialises in qualitative empirical research, wielding a wide range of methodologies including oral history, grounded theory, phenomenology, phenomenography, thematic analysis and education action research. Her recent research takes a critical look at the intersection of educational practices, identity issues, socio-economic inequality and sustainability. She currently holds a grant for an education action research early outreach project from the Erasmus Trust Fund.
Praxis is key to Ginie’s education research projects, and she has been involved developing teacher and student training programmes to incorporate her research findings into practice for nearly a decade, delivering teacher training classes in person or virtually in dozens of countries ranging from Vietnam to Columbia, via Denmark and Singapore. She has also written opinion pieces for various university magazines, pedagogical magazines, on radio shows like the CBC Radio’s Spark programme, the debate platform Pakhuis de Zwijger, the NRC Onderwijs dagen and TEDx conferences.

Ginie is also the founder and Chair of the women’s empowerment charity the FairFight Foundation since 2015