Joanneke Weerdmeester

About This Project

Joanneke Weerdmeester – Behavioural Science Institute – Radboud University Nijmegen.

Joanneke Weerdmeester is a PhD-candidate and member of the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab at the Behavioural Science Institute in Nijmegen. Prior to her appointment as PhD-candidate, she obtained a master degree in clinical psychology as well as a research master degree in behavioural science at the Radboud University.

Her doctoral research focuses on examining the potential of biofeedback video games to help youth cope with their anxiety in an engaging, embodied and meaningful way. Most of her work has focused on the assessment and further development of DEEP, a virtual reality biofeedback game where players use deep diaphragmatic breathing to move through a calming and enchanting underwater world.

17 October