Anouk Tuijnman

About This Project

Anouk Tuijnman – Behavioural Science Institute – Radboud University Nijmegen.

Anouk Tuijnman is a PhD candidate at the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab (Behavioural Science Institute – Radboud University Nijmegen). She has a master’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences and worked at a youth care facility before starting her PhD. During her clinical master she wrote a thesis on whether video games can be used to foster social skills among young adolescents.

Her doctoral research focuses on the development and testing of video games for the prevention of depression in youth. In developing these video games she has worked in close collaboration with game designers, both nationally and internationally. In her first studies she looked at the game ScrollQuest (developed by Josh Whitkin), a social rejection game aimed at assessing rejection sensitivity in adolescents and young adults. In her latest study she looks at the game Moving Stories (developed by IJsfontein), a mobile game about a girl with depressive symptoms. Moving Stories is aimed at improving depression literacy and help-seeking behaviour in adolescents while also decreasing depression stigma.

Workshop 17th of October 13:15 – 15:45
“Creating applied games in a multidisciplinary team”
Erasmus University College

We will start off the workshop by sharing our experiences with merging game design, art and science. Subsequently, the workshop participants will experience the creative process first-hand by teaming up and creating a concept for a game that targets a societal challenge. The goal of the workshop is to gain insight into the process of designing a game in a multidisciplinary team and to identify possible pitfalls. We invite participants from all disciplines, including but not limited to game design, education, clinical practice and academia.

17 October