Janna Michael

About This Project

Janna Michael – GAMPSISS – Codarts, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dr. Janna Michael works as postdoctoral researcher on the project. She is investigating listening cultures and classical music audiences in order to explore if and how music listening culture can be altered through gamification. She draws on interviews, survey data and experiments to examine values realized in the aesthetic experience of music listening.

Workshop 18th of October 13:15 – 15:45
Erasmus University College

Its topic being the reframing of classical music through emphasizing its listening culture over the immanent values of its musical works, the research project GAMPSISS combines and merges three types of research: academic research, design research and artistic research.

In order to evoke and enhance this very listening culture, games and gamification are used to mobilize, educate and emancipate the listener’s potential. In search for the relevance of classical music in today’s society, the importance of sensitive listening is made explicit in the gamification, so as to constitute a personal commitment that lasts longer than the singular concert. Through their informality and easy access, the games and gamification built during GAMPSISS are fit to connect to new and inclusive audiences. At this moment, the research project is exactly halfway, which is the ideal moment for exchanging experiences, presenting results, as well as for receiving response and criticism.

18 October