Marcia Goddard

About This Project

Marcia Goddard – &ranj

Dr. Marcia Goddard is neuroscientist at &ranj games, master in clinical neuropsychology and PhD in social neuroscience, focusing on the relationship between brain development and social behavior.

As a neuroscientist in a serious games company her aim is to incorporate science into the way of working, and conduct studies to assess and improve the effectiveness of the products that are delivered. Her main goal is to build bridges between science, art and business, as all sides could benefit from stronger partnerships.

Workshop 17th of October 13:15 – 15:45
Erasmus University College

In this active workshop serious game designer Marcus Vlaar, neuroscientist Marcia Goddard, and YOU, will design solutions to nasty societal or health related problems that might benefit from a transdisciplinary approach. The workshop will consist of two parts and is based on game thinking, a comprehensive and human-centered approach to problem solving, and perfect for mixing scientific methods and creative toolkits.

 Part 1 is for scientific analysis. Marcia will provide insightful scientific background to the topic. Together we will explore problem space, draw empathy maps to understand our subject and dig up root causes to reframe the problem.

Part 2 is for imagination and artistic exploration. We will explore solution space, use brainwriting and gamification matchmaking techniques and surprise ourselves with amazing solutions.

 Day 1’s theme (Oct 17th) is autism at work. Design question is: “How might we make applying for a job a great experience to people with autism?”

Day 2’s theme (Oct 18th) is stress amongst children. Design question is: “How might we design an awesome alternative for the super stressful CITO (secondary school) test?”

17 October, 18 October