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Seminar on Transdisciplinary Teaching

April 22, 2021 - April 23, 2021


How can different disciplines work together to exchange knowledge and promote emergent transdisciplinary ways of thinking and practicing? This two-day seminar brings together teachers from various disciplines to share experiences, methodologies, and practices which foster transdisciplinary learning. The seminar explores the conditions that make transdisciplinary education possible, the skills and approaches necessary, the challenges faced by teachers and students, and the immense potentiality of working across disciplines on shared research and projects.

Participation: three representatives nominated by each institution.

Preparation: Each partner will prepare a concise contribution (text, video, artwork, case study, etc) that outlines a key proposition, insight, or position on transdisciplinary teaching originating in their institutional experience. Deadline for brief proposal: April 16

The Transdisciplinary Teaching Intensive Study Programme builds on research done to date, bringing together teachers from all network partners to identify and reflect on core issues of transdisciplinary teaching to distill key principles, values and methods.


In preparation we ask each partner to prepare a concise contribution that outlines a key proposition, insight, or position on transdisciplinary teaching originating in their institutional experience.

Each position will be shared with all participants in advance of the workshop and will form a thematic strand of the Intensive Study Programme

This can take multiple forms, both in content and format, examples might include but are not limited to:

  • presentation of existing transdisciplinary practice /case studies

  • identifying core issues or problematics for transdisciplinary teaching

  • specific technical aspects of transdisciplinary teaching practice: for example,

    grading, allocation of credits, formation of transdisciplinary teaching teams

  • negotiating a space for transdisciplinary teaching within the academy

  • histories, definitions and understandings of transdisciplinarity

  • politics: how contemporary understandings of transdisciplinarity intersect with the

    political economy: adaptation / flexibility / precarity.

  • failure in transdisciplinary teaching

  • provocations

  • the position of discipline in transdisciplinary teaching

  • transdisciplinary teaching as discipline

  • methods and approaches in transdisciplinary teaching

  • first steps – introducing transdisciplinary teaching programmes

    Contribution Formats:

    Contributions can take multiple forms including video presentations, texts, artworks, and case studies. We ask that they are concise (video limited to 5 minutes, text to 2 pages) Each propositional statement will guide a short session during the workshop programme led by the authors so there will be an opportunity to expand on the ideas.

    This seminar is a part of Erasmus + Exploring Transdisciplinary Education Combining Arts & Sciences, specifically, the Intensive Study Programme C1.


April 22, 2021
April 23, 2021
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