Student Work

Student Work

One of our RASL Double Degree Students Meliange has designed and created this garment as part of her Fashion studies at WdKA. The assignment began with the challenge to reuse denim jeans and create something new of it with 0% waste, and to be completed within 3 weeks.

I wanted to accompany the jacket with a story. I took my inspiration from the de Medici family of Florence. A wealthy, white family during the Italian Renaissance. The Duke of Florence, Alessandro de Medici was called Il Moro, a ‘somewhat’ derogative way to call someone from north African descent.

I created a story and garment that portrayed a strong individual who is aware of their uniqueness and heritage.



As well as researching, designing, making, styling and studying (!!!) Meliange has also set up a blog detailing her experiences on the RASL Double Degree.

After discovering what the “Sciences” part of RASL exactly entailes by doing some research on the websites of both institutions (WdKA and Erasmus University), I became excited and anxious at the thought of doing a double degree. It sounded like a challenging and insightingful experience, a nice way to get familiar with different perspectives within the arts and culture sector. But it also sounded like a hard time with a high study load…


Check out more of her personal and thoughtful notes here at


Image Credit: Meliange Comenencia