Lucas Vermeer

Lucas Vermeer

“I always wanted to become a musician and study music, but I thought the future perspective was too unsure as it is hard to earn money with music. That is why I applied to Erasmus University College (EUC). Then I found out about the double degree. I already visited multiple conservatories – of which Codarts was my favorite – so you could say that I had Always been interested in both EUC and Codarts.

The perfect combination

With the social and academic skills I gain at EUC I hope to eventually become more successful in arts. Also, I needed a bit of a challenge. Even though both studies are very intense and challenging on their own, I think I would have missed something if I had chosen for ‘just’ one of them. I love the creative freedom and individuality at Codarts, but I also wouldn’t want to miss the academic challenges and intellectual development I get at EUC. For me, it is the perfect combination.

Twice as many social events

Of course I’m always busy with my two studies and the two communities. But I don’t think I’m busier than regular EUC students as I follow fewer courses at EUC than they do. On the other hand, when they finish their exams, I still have to take exams at Codarts. Even though I work hard, I have time for parties and a job. The parties are actually what makes the double degree hard, because two studies also mean twice as many social events.”

Watch Lucas discuss his reasons for choosing RASL here: