Niels van Poecke

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Niels van Poecke is a lecturer in aesthetics and the sociology of arts and culture at the department of Arts and Culture Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam. He studied Arts and Culture Studies (BA, 2004), Sociology of Arts and Culture (MA, 2005) and Cultural Philosophy (MA, 2007) at EUR. From 2007 until 2011, he worked as a program maker at the Studium Generale, where he organized events for students and the general public. In November 2017, he completed his doctoral thesis on the formation of indie-folk music as a cultural genre in relation to the search for authenticity in contemporary modernity. Since January 2018, Niels in addition joined RASL as a staff member, where he works as Double Degree and Events Coordinator.

Why do you work for RASL?

I joined the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab as Double Degree coordinator, since I want to help out students completing their two BA degrees in a most sufficient way. In addition, I joined RASL as an Events coordinator, since I would like to create a platform, not only where art meets science, but also where students of the various institutes meet each other and co-create events. Finally, I am pleased to work for RASL, since as a lecturer in aesthetics and the sociology of the arts, I would like to contribute to research on the mutual shaping of contemporary art and education, in which the boundaries between artistic practice and sociological research methods are increasingly blurred.