Naomi Oosterman

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Naomi Oosterman is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Heritage at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is furthermore an affiliated researcher of the research group Heritage under Threat; part of the Centre for Global Heritage and Development.

Her research specialisations are the illicit trade of art and antiquities, the policing of art and heritage crime, critical heritage, and coloniality and decoloniality. She has published widely on these topics, most recently in the edited volumes titled Crime and art: Sociological and criminological perspectives of crimes in the art world and Art crime in context.

Why do you work for RASL?

I joined RASL in March 2022 with the intention to guide our students in the best possible way to complete both their bachelors. Being an interdisciplinary scholar myself, joining RASL as a dual degree coordinator was an opportunity for me to further strengthen the interdisciplinarity of RASL, both in research and education. As a lecturer and researcher, I am particularly keen in developing novel and innovative educational tools.