Monse Higareda

Monse Higareda joined EUC and RASL on September 2019 as a Double Degree coordinator and assistant of the Arts and Culture Programme led by Tamara de Groot. She helped organize the international conference “Transdisciplinary Compositions – Contemporary Challenges, towards collaborative practices in the Arts & Sciences” that took place in October 2019. She’s also the project coordinator of the Erasmus+ international project that focuses on exploring Transdisciplinary Teaching methods that combine art and science. As of January 2020, she’ll be the communications coordinator of RASL and will continue to help out with the development and organization of future RASL events.

Monse is a Mexican national who studied Visual Arts and Event Planning at the Université de Lorraine in Metz, France. Along with her studies, she brings a plethora of experience in organizing a wide spectrum of international events, including conferences, graduations, exchange programmes, study trips, workshops, symposiums and festivals. Monse has a passion for languages and is fluent in English, French and Spanish. She’s currently learning Dutch and wants to learn Japanese, Portuguese and Italian. Monse enjoys volunteering for many art and cultural events throughout The Netherlands and has starred in multiple international short films.

Why do you work for RASL?

I find it exciting to be at the forefront of a programme that brings art and science together. Particularly given the complexity of today’s social, financial and geopolitical issues, RASL allows for the potential for out of the box solutions to emerge to resolve these challenges. Ultimately, art can complement science and vice versa. I am proud to play role in this avant-garde academic approach. Moreover, I look forward to being and creating a platform for students and teachers alike to meet and exchange ideas and/or interests. After all, bringing people together is my passion.