Marco Aperti

Marco Aperti has been part of the EUR network since 2019. First as a student, ambassador, mentor, and now as coordinator of RASL. In full RASL’s mindset, Marco studied and worked in multiple fields. He got a bachelor in Architecture and Society at the Polytechnic of Milan (B Arch, 2014), Monumental Heritage Management at the Anhalt University in collaboration with the Bauhaus Foundation (MA, 2016), and a pre-master and master (MA, 2021) in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship at EUR. He worked in different educational institutions, in cultural organizations, and managed local and international cultural projects. Since 2021, Marco has been working to make RASL bigger, better, and stronger in the city of Rotterdam and beyond it.

Why do you work for RASL?

I joined RASL as a freelance content creator and I realized how cool it is to use several knowledge tools in just one network. I think it is very important to help, showcase and enjoy the RASL’ s platform. It is important to me to stimulate other students to join in this mission. As a RASL human, I hope to make the world a slightly better place. Otherwise, what is the point, right!?